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April 2006:

1. DEAR ABE:  Jesus said “No one can get to the Father but through me”, since the Muslims do not believe in Jesus, then this must mean that they do not really believe in salvation, life after death, and Heaven. If they did then they would take Jesus’ words more seriously.  What does the Islamic faith say about this? --D.J., UPSTATE N.Y.

DEAR D.J.:   We believe this statement from Jesus is absolutely correct.  We, too, believe that if Jesus' message is disregarded by a person then that person is also disregarding God [1].  God tells us in the Quran that all people of the scripture were required to believe in Jesus [2]. God has sent the prophets with scripture and wisdom and disregarding them demonstrates disbelief [3].  Jesus was given wisdom, was taught the word of God, and was given miracles as proof that he was a messenger of God [4]. Obeying Jesus’ statement and following him is achieved by adhering to the word of God sent down through him [5].  The first commandment passed through Abraham, Moses, Jacob, and John had not changed with Jesus and was still “Worship God alone” [6].  

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 3:51-52, 5:111, 61:14, 2:136, 2:177, 8:20; [2] 4:158-159; [3] 2:61, 2:91, 3:21; [4] 4:171, 2:87, 2:253, 5:110-111; [5] 57:27, 3:79-80, 5:46; [6] 30:30, 19:36, 19:93, 43:63-64.


2. DEAR ABE: Does Islam say that women are less valuable than men or that women should be treated in a different way than men? --AMANDA FROM DETROIT, MICHIGAN

DEAR AMANDA:  No, men and women are equal to one another in the sight of God [1].  The men and women, however, do have different qualities which distinguish each and which should not be coveted by the other [2].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 3:195, 24:26, 33:35; [2] 4:32, 20:131.


3. DEAR ABE: Since there are a number of passages in your scripture that talk about slavery, does your religion encourage any type of class distinction along the lines of wealth, nationality, or color? --DEACON L., OKLAHOMA

DEAR DEACON:  All passages regarding slavery in the Quran advocate the releasing of slaves from their bondage [1],  and in turn will eventually lead to the eradication of slavery in any community that follows God’s scripture as a  source of law.  This indicates that the Quran discourages slavery. We find no encouragement for class distinction in the Quran.

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 2:177, 4:25, 4:92, 5:89, 9:60, 58:3-4, 90:13.

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