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April 2009

1. DEAR ABE: You stated that the women’s head cover, Hijab, is not required. Is this something you personally made an ijtihad ruling on?  Or is this something you got from the Quran, Sunnah, or Hadith? –A NEW YORK READER

DEAR NEW YORK READER: We do not make ijtihad on God’s  God commands us to follow His Hadith, the Quran [1].  God describes only His Sunnah and never the prophet Mohammad’s sunnah in the Scripture [2].  Thus, we present our understanding based on the passages from the Quran alone, being the only authentic source of Divine Instruction from Mohammad [3].  The minimum requirements for appropriate dress are as follows. The best garment is righteousness [4].  Also, women are ordered to cover their chests and lengthen their garments in order to be recognized as righteous [5].    Dressing modestly is a trait of the believing men and women, but head covers are not required [6].

Relevant Quran Verse: [1] 7:185, 12:111, 31:639:26;  [2]  17:77, 33:62, 48:23; [3] 6:114-115, 7:52, 10:37, 17:46; [4] 7:26; [5] 24:31, 33:59; [6] 24:30-31.


2. DEAR ABE: Is it a requirement for men to wear pant lengths below the knees in the name of religion?  What is the Islamic view on men’s short trousers? – YUSUF, AFRICA

DEAR YUSUF: Dressing modestly is a trait of believing men [1].  Beyond that, there are no rules dictating the length of pants.  We cannot make our own rules, such as deeming only a particular length or type of clothing as acceptable, when God never dictated that [2].  It is left up to the individuals to determine what they feel would be an acceptable and righteous form of “modest” dress.  This can vary from community to community, situation to situation, and individual to individual.  God, out of his immense Mercy, imposes no hardship on us in observing Him, and this includes the manner of our daily dress as righteous individuals [3].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 24:30-31; [2] 5:87, 6:148-150, 7:32-33, 16:35; [3] 2:185.


3. DEAR ABE:   I would like to find out what the Quran says about magic, because I am interested in Tarot Cards and stuff like that.  Is magic allowed, or halal?   Or is magic forbidden, or haram?   – INQUIRER FROM CALIFORNIA

DEAR INQUIRER: Certain “magic” is OK; such as coin and scarf tricks for fun and entertainment.  Other magic is forbidden.   Magic that dapples in telling the future, the breaking up of marriages, or gambling, for example, is not allowed [1].  If the magic tricks are harmless entertainment and are not against God’s laws or prohibitions in the Quran, then it is alright for you to pursue [2]. Before you start, I recommend examining what God says about witchcraft in the Quran, since witchcraft has been mixed with magic over time [3].  I also recommend reviewing the verses where Moses’ staff competed with Magicians tricks as a sign of his messengership [4].  In conclusion, common sense combined with referencing the Quran will help you determine if a trick is forbidden or allowed.

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 2:102, 2:188, 2:219, 3:179, 5:90-91, 11:31, 27:65; [2] 3:94, 5:87, 7:32. [3] 2:102; [4] 7:116-118, 20:66-71, 26:38-50.

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