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April 2011

1. DEAR ABE: Are all Muslim’s destined to go to Heaven after they complete their time in Hell?  – A MUSLIM, NEW JERSEY

DEAR NEW JERSEY MUSLIM: Hell is eternal [1]. Thus anyone destined for Hell, whoever they may be; whether they call themselves a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Atheist, etc… will be there for an eternity. The same applies for anyone destined for Heaven, no matter what they call themselves [2].  The good news is that the minimum criteria for achieving the eternity of Heaven is belief in God, belief in the Last Day, and leading a righteous life [3].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1]5:37, 19:86, 41:28, 18:102;  [2]  22:17;  [3] 2:62, 5:69.


2. DEAR ABE: When our parents pass away, why do they get punished if their child does wrong deeds? I heard if our parents go to Heaven and the child does evil acts, then God can put them in Hell and if our parents are in Hell and the child does good acts, then they can be put in Heaven. Why do they get punished? – LEYLA, THE ENGLISH CHANNEL

DEAR LEYLA: What you say has no basis whatsoever in the Quran. As a matter of fact, we are told the opposite in the Quran.  We are responsible for our own deeds [1], and intercession on behalf of someone else will not be allowed on Judgment Day [2].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1]6:132, 9:102, 2:139;  [2] 2:254, 6:70, 9:80.


3. DEAR ABE: Is it ok for my husband and his family to forbid me from talking to my family because of an argument? – THANA, OHIO

DEAR THANA: The answer to your question is no.  The Quran does not allow for the man to dictate his wife’s communications and relationships, except in the case of her dishonoring him in his absence [1].  As a matter of fact, instead of allowing oppression of women, the Quran is more pro-women’s rights.  It sets up protections of women’s rights; such as property, marriage, inheritance and dowry rights in Sura 4, Women [2].  The Quran encourages communication, like in the following example for a more serious situation than an argument.  Sura 4, Verse 35 states that; if a couple fears separation, you shall appoint an arbitrator from his family and an arbitrator from her family; if they decide to reconcile, GOD will help them get together. GOD is Omniscient, Cognizant [3].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1]  4:34; [2]  4:19-20, 4:23, 4:24, 4:7, 4:29, 4:33;  [3]  4:35.

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