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December 2007

1. DEAR ABE: I have been wondering about Jesus in Islam.  Was he married?  Did he have any kids? What does the Quran say about this issue?   --NINA, SPAIN

DEAR NINA:   The Quran makes no mention of Jesus getting married. If Jesus’ marital status were important to our salvation, then God certainly would have let us know - since the Quran is complete, perfect, and fully detailed [1]. However, from verse 38 of Sura 13, one could conclude that all messengers may have been married, even though the word "all" is not in the verse [2]. We certainly do know that many of God’s messengers were married [3].

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 6:38, 6:114-115, 7:52, 10:37, 5:48, 10:18-19;  [2] 13:38; [3] 3:38-40, 7:80-83, 19:7, 66:10, 2:132, 11:71-72, 14:35.


2. DEAR ABE: What does the Quran say about women who decide to take off their hijabs; does it make them less of a Muslim?  Is it a sin? --AKILAH, HYDERABAD

DEAR AKILAH:  Hijab or head cover is cultural clothing. God does not specify what type of clothing to wear [1].  Wearing hijab does not make you more or less of a Muslim.  Wearing hijab makes you fit in with your culture [2].  God does not forbid hijab, but we should not falsely claim that hijab is required by God [3]. [4]

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 24:31, 24:60, 33:59;   [2] 7:26, 2:256; [3] 3:93-94, 10:59, 16:116; [4] Top Ten #9, July 2006 #2, October 2006 #3, January 2007 #1, May 2007 #3, October 2007 #3, About Headcovers .


3. DEAR ABE: I'm a Muslim, and I have 2 Hafiz cousins. Whenever music is played they ask people to turn it off or they will leave. Is it true that music is haram?  Please give the ayahs where it says it is. -- KASHIF, ILLINOIS

DEAR KASHIF:  Since your cousins are Hafiz, then they would be aware of the fact that one can not find ANY prohibition of music in the Quran. Since the Quran is complete, perfect, and fully detailed [1] and there is no prohibition of music, then God did not forbid it.  In fact, music should be considered a gift from God.  Also keep in mind that God did not forget to prohibit music and wait for someone else to [2].  No one, including the prophet Muhammad, can prohibit what God did not [3].  If one judges a particular band, song, music genre, or video to be sinful then they should avoid it out of their good individual judgment [4]. This does not give one the right, however, to declare all music haram [5].

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1]  6:19, 6:38, 6:114-116, 7:52, 7:185, 10:37, 11:1, 31:6-7, 41:3, 12:111, 45:6-8,16:89;  [2] 19:64, 20:52; [3] 66:1, 5:48-50, 33:37; [4] 6:120, 6:151, 24:30-31, 4:148;  [5] 16:116.

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