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December 2008

1. DEAR ABE: Are Muslims allowed to attack people that are not attempting to harm them but are harming their fellow Muslim brothers or sisters?  Because there are people of the same nationality that are trying to harm Muslims in general? – MOE, ENGLAND

DEAR MOE: The specific answer to your question is no. You cannot harm, kill or steal from an innocent person irrespective of their religion, society, statehood or nationality [1].  The Quran condemns suicide and absolutely condemns the killing of another innocent human [2]. We cannot take our perception of some nationalities “harming” Muslims in general and then harm innocent citizens of those countries. Please keep in mind that in the last two decades more Muslims have killed Muslims in the Middle East including recent terrorist attacks by Muslims against Muslims in Pakistan [3]. 

Relevant Quran Verse:  [1] 6:151, 2:256, 18:29;  [2]  4:29, 4:92; [3]  60:8-9, 5:45, 5:8.


2. DEAR ABE: What does the Quran say about people who leave Islam to enter into Christianity?  Are they apostates and does God want them punished? – KAMIL, IN THE CROSSROADS OF THE WEST

DEAR KAMIL: There is no such thing as apostasy in the Quran.  We are not instructed to do anything to people when they choose to change their religion, no matter how wrong we think they may be [1].  The punishment for disbelief lies with God, not us. We can even befriend nonbelievers as long as they do not prohibit us from practicing our religion.  Nor can we prohibit them from practicing their religion which may include disbelief [2].   We have to keep in mind that there may be righteous Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc… who do worship God alone and are destined for Heaven [3].

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1]  2:256, 18:29, 10:99, 4:90;  [2]  60:8-9;  [3] 2:62.


3. DEAR ABE:  I sin, and then when I regret I repent, pray and ask for forgiveness; but then after some time I do the same sin again.  If this cycle goes on many times, is it really wrong?  – YAASMIN, INDIA

DEAR YAASMIN: You cannot commit sin deliberately, maliciously and repeatedly and expect forgiveness from God [1]. However, out of God’s Mercy we learn that all sins are forgivable, as long as the sin is not idol worship maintained until the point of death [2].

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 3:90, 3:135; [2]  4:17-18, 4:48.

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