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February 2009

1. DEAR ABE: The Hamas government started a war by shooting at innocent Israeli settlers. How can anyone claim to be religious and murder people in the name of Allah?  Please tell me what kind of person was this prophet Mohammed to teach these sick beliefs to his people? – REID, INDIANA

DEAR REID: Murdering innocent people in the name of God; or Allah in Arabic, has no basis in the religion preached by Mohammad.  Killing innocent people is a gross offense. Only Satan's religion would favor that.  Prophet Mohammad’s only duty was to deliver the Quran [1].  The good news is that the Quran does not advocate such actions [2].  Keep in mind that both governments are involved in the altercations.  Both claim a Scripture, and both abuse their Scriptures by taking them partially [3].  According to their own Scriptures, both will not be blessed with prosperity while taking God’s guidance only partially [4].

Relevant Quran Verse: [1] 13 :40, 24 :54,   [2]  4:29-30, 6:151; [3] 2:85, Deuteronomy 19, Leviticus 24:20, Exodus 21:24, 2:190, 2:178, 17:33, 16:126, 60:8-9 ;  [4] Deuteronomy 19 :8-13, 15 :90-91, 12 :111, 6 :114-115.


2. DEAR ABE: Am I obligated to marry a guy that I do not love?  We dated but I really know that I don’t love him. The problem is that he refuses to leave me alone and my mom loves him and wants me to marry him, is there any help for me? – KAMILAH, NEW YORK

DEAR KAMILAH: The solution to your predicament lies within common sense.  The Quran advocates mutual attraction for marriage. Also, your suitor should be financially independent enough to provide you with the prerequisite dowry [1].  A marriage should provide tranquility for the couple, as well [2].  In making your decision you should keep in mind all the parties involved, including the man, your parents and you. You are instructed to respect your parents; however, you are not obligated to follow your parent’s wishes blindly [3]. Lastly, studying the Quran’s guidance and asking God for help will certainly be beneficial [4].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 4:24;  [2] 7:189;  [3] 17:23-24, 4:1, 17:28; [4] 2:186, 47:24-25, 2:2, 6:114-115.


3. DEAR ABE:   I am dating a Muslim guy, and he gave me a necklace for Valentine’s Day. A description card says the necklace features the word “Allah” in calligraphy.  Would this be offensive for me to wear?   – CARMEN, NORTHERN LIGHTS

DEAR NABILAH: Your necklace says God in Arabic. The translation of God in Arabic is Allah. You should not offend anyone by wearing that necklace [1].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 17:110.

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