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February 2011

1. DEAR ABE: Do you think the current unrest in Egypt and other protests throughout the Middle East are prophesied in the Quran?  – CRYSTAL, CALIFORNIA

DEAR CRYSTAL: Not really. I do not see how it connects to any of the prophecies in the Quran at this time.  The Egyptian protests stem from political unrest, rather than from religious reasons. Submitter’s to God are still waiting for the victory promised in Sura 110 when throngs of people will embrace Submission to God alone [1]; but whether the Egyptian uprising and political unrest has anything to do with God’s promised victory is unclear – it is too soon to know.

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 110:0-3.


2. DEAR ABE: What do you know about the prophecy in Quran verses 30:2-3 where the Romans will be defeated?  Did it happen already? – RAAD, JORDAN

DEAR RAAD: We do know that this prophecy was fulfilled.  The verses tell us that the Romans will be defeated.  After their defeat they will rise again and win within several years [1].  The reason we know it has surely come to pass is because after any community has been annihilated God has forbidden it to return, with the exception of Gog and Magog [2].  Clearly, the era of the Roman Civilization has come to pass; we see the Roman ruins scattered throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  We do not, however, have the exacting details of the prophecy as of this moment.

Relevant Quran Verses: [1]30:2-6; [2] 21:95-97, 36:30-31.


3. DEAR ABE: Why was the order of the Quran revelations through Mohammed different than the finalized version of the Quran? – YUSUF, CHENNAI

DEAR YUSUF: The simple answer is that this is how God willed to reveal His Final Scripture.  It is set up in the best way possible for us to learn from it, but was revealed in a different order which was the best way for the Prophet Mohammed to write it down [1].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1]75:16-19, 96:1-4, Appendix 3 and Appendix 23 of the Quran translation by R. Khalifa.

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