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Sura 100, The Gallopers (Al-`Aadeyaat), Quran, Khalifa translation

Sura 100, The Gallopers (Al-`Aadeyaat)

(from: Quran The Final Testament, by Rashad Khalifa, PhD.)

[100:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[100:1] By the fast gallopers.

[100:2] Igniting sparks.

[100:3] Invading (the enemy) by morning.

[100:4] Striking terror therein.

[100:5] Penetrating to the heart of their territory.

[100:6] The human being is unappreciative of his Lord.

[100:7] He bears witness to this fact.

[100:8] He loves material things excessively.

[100:9] Does he not realize that the day will come when the graves are opened?

[100:10] And all secrets are brought out.

[100:11] They will find out, on that day, that their Lord has been fully Cognizant of them.


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