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Sura 13, footnotes -Quran, Khalifa translation

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*13:1 These initials constitute a major component of the Quran's built-in proof of divine authorship, the miraculous mathematical code. See Appendix 1.

*13:15 Even the disbelievers prostrate; they cannot, for example, control their heartbeats, their lungs, or peristalsis. The shadows are predetermined by God's design of the solar and the lunar orbits, and by the peculiar shape of the planet earth which causes the four seasons. The absolute precision of the sun/earth relation is proven by the invention of solar clocks and their shadows.

*13:30 If we add the gematrical value of ``Rashad'' (505), plus the value of ``Khalifa'' (725), plus the sura number (13), plus the verse number (30), we get 505+725+13+30 = 1273 = 19x67. God thus specifies the name of His messenger (see Appendix 2 for the details).

*13:37-38 The verse number (38) =19x2. Placing the values of ``Rashad'' (505) and ``Khalifa'' (725) next to 13:37-38, gives 505 725 13 37 38, or 19x26617112302 (Appendix 2).

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