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Sura 42, footnotes -Quran, Khalifa translation

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*42:1 These initials constitute a significant part of the Quran's miracle (Footnote 40:1).

*42:2 This is the only sura where we see the initials `A.S.Q. (`Ayn Seen Qaf), and the total occurrence of these three letters in this sura is 209, 19x11. Also, the letter ``Q'' occurs in this sura 57 times, 19x3. The only other sura where we see the initial ``Q'' is Sura 50, and this letter occurs in that sura also 57 times (See Appendix 1).

*42:21 The Islam of today's Muslim world has been so distorted, it has become a Satanic cult. The Ulama, or religious scholars, have added many extraneous laws, prohibitions, dress codes, dietary regulations, and religious practices never authorized by God. This is one of the main reasons for sending God's Messenger of the Covenant (9:31, 33:67, and Appendix 33).

*42:24 The disbelievers added 2 false statements at the end of Sura 9 to commemorate their idol, the prophet Muhammad. God has revealed overwhelming evidence to erase this blasphemy and establish the truth. By adding the gematrical value of "Rashad Khalifa" (1230), plus the verse number (24), we get 1254, 19x66 (please see Appendices 2 & 24 for the details).

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