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Sura 76, The Human (Al-Insaan), Quran, Khalifa translation

Sura 76, The Human (Al-Insaan)

(from: Quran The Final Testament, by Rashad Khalifa, PhD.)

[76:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[76:1] Is it not a fact that there was a time when the human being was nothing to be mentioned?

[76:2] We created the human from a liquid mixture, from two parents, in order to test him. Thus, we made him a hearer and a seer.

[76:3] We showed him the two paths, then he is either appreciative, or unappreciative.

[76:4] We prepared for the disbelievers chains, shackles, and a blazing Hell.

[76:5] As for the virtuous, they will drink from cups spiced with nectar.

[76:6] A spring that is reserved for GOD's servants; it will gush out as they will.

[76:7] They fulfill their pledges, and reverence a day that is extremely difficult.

[76:8] They donate their favorite food to the poor, the orphan, and the captive.

[76:9] "We feed you for the sake of GOD; we expect no reward from you, nor thanks.

[76:10] "We fear from our Lord a day that is full of misery and trouble."

[76:11] Consequently, GOD protects them from the evils of that day, and rewards them with joy and contentment.

[76:12] He rewards them for their steadfastness with Paradise, and silk.

[76:13] They relax therein on luxurious furnishings. They suffer neither the heat of the sun, nor any cold.

[76:14] The shade covers them therein, and the fruits are brought within reach.

[76:15] They are served drinks in silver containers and cups that are translucent.

[76:16] Translucent cups, though made of silver; they rightly deserved all this.

[76:17] They enjoy drinks of delicious flavors.

[76:18] From a spring therein known as "Salsabeel."

[76:19] Serving them will be immortal servants. When you see them, they will look like scattered pearls.

[76:20] Wherever you look, you will see bliss, and a wonderful dominion.

[76:21] On them will be clothes of green velvet, satin, and silver ornaments. Their Lord will provide them with pure drinks.

[76:22] This is the reward that awaits you, for your efforts have been appreciated.

[76:23] We have revealed to you this Quran; a special revelation from us.

[76:24] You shall steadfastly carry out your Lord's commandments, and do not obey any sinful disbeliever among them.

[76:25] And commemorate the name of your Lord day and night.

[76:26] During the night, fall prostrate before Him, and glorify Him many a long night.

[76:27] These people are preoccupied with this fleeting life, while disregarding - just ahead of them - a heavy day.

[76:28] We created them, and established them, and, whenever we will, we can substitute others in their place.

[76:29] This is a reminder: whoever wills shall choose the path to his Lord.

[76:30] Whatever you will is in accordance with GOD's will. GOD is Omniscient, Wise.

[76:31] He admits whomever He wills into His mercy. As for the transgressors, He has prepared for them a painful retribution.


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