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Sura 8, footnotes -Quran, Khalifa translation

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*8:12-16 All wars are governed by the basic rule in 60:8-9.

*8:17 Believing in God necessitates believing in His qualities, one of which is that He is doing everything. Without knowing God, there is no belief (23:84-90). Bad things are incurred by us, and executed by Satan, in accordance with God's laws (4:78-79, 42:30).

*8:24 See Appendix 17. When the righteous exit their bodies, they go straight to Heaven.

*8:25 A community that tolerates homosexuality, for example, may be hit by an earthquake.

*8:30 God chose His final prophet, Muhammad, from the strongest tribe of Arabia. It was tribal law and traditions that prevented the disbelievers - by God's leave - from killing Muhammad. Similarly, it was God's will to move His Messenger of the Covenant from the Middle East, where he would have been killed, to the U.S.A. where God's message can flourish and reach every corner of the globe. This is mathematically confirmed: the sura & verse numbers= 8+30=19x2.

*8:35 All religious practices in Islam came to us through Abraham; when the Quran was revealed, all rites in "Submission" were already in existence (21:73, 22:78).

*8:36 The idol worshiping leaders of corrupted Islam, Saudi Arabia, have allocated huge sums of money annually to fight God and His miracle. For example, the famous Lebanese publisher Dr Al-`Ilm Lil-Malyn (Knowledge for the Millions) published the Arabic version of "The Miracle of the Quran" in March, 1983. The Saudis bought all the copies and destroyed them.

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The answers provided by Abe and friends represent the understanding of the
writers, and should not be taken as the only acceptable approach. The reader is encouraged to research the topics further using the Quran.

Disclaimer: Abe and friends condemn all acts of violence, suicide bombings, and terrorism enacted under the banner of Islam.

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