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Sura 96, The Embryo (Al-`Alaq), Quran, Khalifa translation

Sura 96, The Embryo (Al-`Alaq)

(from: Quran The Final Testament, by Rashad Khalifa, PhD.)

[96:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[96:1] Read, in the name of your Lord, who created.*

[96:2] He created man from an embryo.

[96:3] Read, and your Lord, Most Exalted.

[96:4] Teaches by means of the pen.

[96:5] He teaches man what he never knew.

[96:6] Indeed, the human transgresses.

[96:7] When he becomes rich.

[96:8] To your Lord is the ultimate destiny.

[96:9] Have you seen the one who enjoins.

[96:10] Others from praying?

[96:11] Is it not better for him to follow the guidance?

[96:12] Or advocate righteousness?

[96:13] If he disbelieves and turns away.

[96:14] Does he not realize that GOD sees?

[96:15] Indeed, unless he refrains, we will take him by the forelock.

[96:16] A forelock that is disbelieving and sinful.

[96:17] Let him then call on his helpers.

[96:18] We will call the guardians of Hell.

[96:19] You shall not obey him; you shall fall prostrate and draw nearer.


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