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January 2006:

1.  DEAR ABE: Are the Iraqi’s trying to kill the Americans because the Muslim leaders think American's are going to corrupt their people? --TRUTH SEEKER FROM ARIZONA

DEAR TRUTH SEEKER: We can see that some Iraqi’s are fighting the American troops, as well as mercenaries imported from other areas.  But, other Iraqi’s are working with the American troops, also some of the American troops list Islam as their faith.  So it is hard to generalize in this way. We do know, however, that some leaders in the Middle East are using distorted religious propaganda to incite anger and to justify terrorist acts [1].  Any of their constituents who do not refer back to God’s word in the Quran may not see the abuse of God’s religion and hence they may believe they are acting in good faith, even when they are acting in opposition to God’s scripture. [2]

Relevant Quran Verses and articles: [1] “What is an American? ” by Peter Ferrara, George Mason University School of Law, September 25, 2001; [2] Appendix 36 and Appendix 37 of the Quran translation by R. Khalifa. 


2. DEAR ABE: How come you don’t go to church? --ANNE, TORONTO

DEAR ANNE:   While the Christians go to church for congregational prayers on Sunday and the Jews go to the synagogue for congregational prayers on Saturday, the Submitters attend congregational prayers on Friday afternoon [1]. 

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 62:9-11, 7:31.


3. DEAR ABE: The muslims are the only people that I am aware of that blow themselves up for their cause; is this for their God? --DISCONCERTED IN NEVADA

DEAR DISCONCERTED: No, God does not advocate evil [1].  The suicide bombers take their instruction from sources other than God's Scripture, despite God's assurance that the Quran is fully detailed and complete [2]. Nowhere in the Quran can you find support for killing yourself [3], killing potential believers [4], killing people who are not aggressing which makes it an attack rather than a defense [5], or unprovoked aggression [6].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 16:90, 7:28; [2] 6:112-115, 7:52, 10:37, 41:3, 22:15; [3] 4:29; [4] 4:92-94; [5] 6:151, 2:190, 17:33; [6] 4:90.

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Disclaimer: Abe and friends condemn all acts of violence, suicide bombings, and terrorism enacted under the banner of Islam.

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