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July 2008

1. DEAR ABE:  Christians believe Jesus Christ is God the savior. Islam does not believe this. Does this principle alone suggest that the God of Islam is not the God of Christians. – MIKE, MISSISSIPPI

DEAR MIKE:  The practice of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, in most places today, no longer resembles the religion delivered by God’s prophets and messengers.  This divergence is evident when looking at the most important commandment: the first commandment delivered by Moses, the commandment that Jesus deemed most important during the sermon on the mount, and the commandment repeated throughout the Quran as the key to our salvation [1]. There is Only One God and worship Him alone.  All messengers since Adam have preached one and the same message [2].  Human beings have distorted this message, ascribing qualities and attributes to God never decreed by God.  Ideologies are irrelevant in light of the profound evidence that there is no God but God, and God Alone is the only One worthy of worship.

Relevant Verses:  [1] Bible Exodus Chapter 20; Matthew 22:36-40; Quran  3:18 , 3:95 , 10:105 , 47:19;   [2]  2:135-136, 3:95, 21:25.


2. DEAR ABE:   If a muslim is asked by a non-muslim "Why do muslims not eat pork, even though pork does not kill people?" What will be a good reply for the non-muslim? Thank You- HAFIZA, MALAYSIA

DEAR HAFIZA:  Pork is one of only four prohibited dietary items in the Quran [1].  Out of God’s mercy, these are not overwhelming prohibitions.  When God gives a command, we are tested by whether we abide by God’s commands or not. The command may be harder for some to abide by specifically because they do not perceive a harmful affect in the action, unlike with other prohibitions.  With that said, God does tell us in the Quran that the meat of pigs is contaminated and health records show that the meat from pigs can cause illness [2].  However these known health effects are not consistent, our choice to follow this commandment reflects part of our faith because we choose to obey God’s words, despite the perceived absence of a harmful affect.

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1]  2:172-173, 16:115, 2:2;  [2] 6:145.


3. DEAR ABE: When I was a little girl my mum said “don’t spit on the earth, and don’t stump your feet harshly on the ground you walk upon, because on the day of judgement the earth will turn into an old lady and will say the pain its people caused her.” Can you please tell me the relevant Quranic verses? – JEM, UNITED KINGDOM

DEAR JEM:  There are several verses in the Quran that connect conducting ourselves righteously to treating the earth kindly and respecting God’s provisions [1].  The mythological quote from your mother is colorful, but we do not find these exact details of testimony from Earth in the Quran.  We do know, however, that even our own skins will testify if we were bad [2]; but we cannot speculate beyond that.  Regardless of who or what else in this world may testify against us, we should remember that God is fully aware of all things and that our full record will be presented on the day of judgement [3].

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1]  2:60, 2:168-169, 2:204-206, 7:56, 25:63, 31:16-19;  [2]  41:18-22; [3] 4:81, 6:59, 10:61, 13:39, 17:13-14, 18:49, 20:52, 34:3, 45:29.

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