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July 2010

1. DEAR ABE: I need help explaining luck and fate.  –SADEED, USA

DEAR SADEED: God is in control and has perfect knowledge of all things [1].  Therefore, God already knows our fate in this life and the next life [2].  Events that are often perceived as either good or bad ‘luck’ are really provisions controlled by God [3].  God states repeatedly in the Quran that he increases the provisions for those who are appreciative to him [4]. Although God knows our future and final destiny, we individually do not know it, and should thus strive to make righteous choices and decisions in our life.

Relevant Quran Verses: [1 4:126, 6:59, 11:123, 33:70, 55:29; [2] 2:255, 16:77, 20:110; [3] 3:26, 7:188, 29:17, 33:27; [4] 3:145, 14:7, 16:121, 31:12, 54:35, 64:17.


2. DEAR ABE: What is the Islamic rule on one asking God to prolong someone’s life? Does God prolong ones life? –NAEEM, GHANA

DEAR NAEEM.: God knows the appointed time of death for every soul, but we do not know this time [1].  Thus, there is no harm in imploring God to extend someone's life.  However, we must be sure that we accept God’s will in this matter [2].  God is the most wise, and omniscient [3].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1]31:34, 63:11; [2] 4:64-70, 64:11, 74:56; [3] 4:26, 4:170, 9:15, 48:4.


3. DEAR ABE: What is Farl Ain and Farl Qifaya? Where are they applicable?  –TALIB, DUBAI

DEAR TALIB: Fard Ain is individual responsibility while Fard Qifaya is community responsibility.  The individual responsibility in the Quran starts with worshipping of God ALONE. In addition to various commandments about righteous behavior an individual should perform religious duties of fasting, zakat, salat dedicated to God alone [1].  Community responsibility extends to our responsibilities in the broader community. One responsibility on community matters is to keep religious freedom [2] - God's great gift to humans.

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 3:51, 4:36, 4:146, 20:14, 22:31, Appendix 15 of the Quran translation by R. Khalifa; [2] 2:256, 10:99.

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