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June 2010

1. DEAR ABE: Is it unlawful or haram to have plastic surgery if a person really needs it and if they feel they are unattractive to their spouse?  – HUMA, MICHIGAN

DEAR HUMA: The Quran does not specifically forbid surgical improvement.  We cannot forbid things that God has not forbidden, which would be equivalent to making rules that were never made by God [1].  The procedures are not haram in themselves.  However, when considering the amount and type of surgery, it is important, as Submitters to God, to observe moderation in our lives [2].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1 ] 10:59, 7:32, 5:87, 5:103, 3:94, 6:56, 10:36;   [2] 17:37-38, 31:18-19 .


2. DEAR ABE: I was raised Catholic.  I have recently converted to Submission (Islam), because I believe ONLY in God.  I wish to perform Obligatory Prayers without idol worship.  I cannot find where the Salat (Obligitory Prayers) is addressed in the Quran.  Can you help with this? –N.B., SRI LANKA

DEAR N.B.: There are two sources for the religion of Submission (Islam).  They are the Quran which fully details all religious LAW, and Religious practices given to the prophet Abraham and passed on to us from generation to generation. Abraham was the father of Islam (Submission to God in English) [1].  Salat Prayers were taught through Abraham, and Mohammad was a follower of Abraham.  Thus, the Salat Prayers already existed when Mohammad became a Prophet [2].  Logic dictates that Mohammad learned Salat Prayers the same way we do, as it continues to be passed down from generation to generation.  The Quran only corrects original religious practices which become corrupted over time [3]. The entire Salat Prayer procedure did not need to be corrected or established through the Quran [4].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 22:78, Appendix 9 of the Quran translation by R. Khalifa; [2] 14:40, 21:73, 16:123, 8:35, 9:54; [3] 5:6, 3:18, 72:18, 17:110;  [4] Islam article, How to Perform Contact Prayers..


3. DEAR ABE: Is there any specific supplication prayer or dua for after each Obligatory Contact Prayer?  –SHAHID, NEW YORK.

DEAR SHAHID: No. After the “Salam,” traditional ending of each Salat Prayer, the Contact Prayer is finished.  We must be cautious not to make additions or alterations to the religious practices that we have.  The religious practices were passed down to us through the generations from the time of Abraham.  The Quran only corrects for those original religious practices which become corrupted over time.  Thus, we already have the full and complete Contact Prayer procedure [1].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] Appendix 9 and Appendix 15 of the Quran translation by R. Khalifa.

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