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June 2013

1. DEAR ABE: Please clarify what this means. 36:68 - "Whomever we permit to live for a long time, we revert him to weakness.  Do they not understand?" What is the purpose of God reverting us to weakness in old age?  –SHARON, CALIFORNIA

DEAR SHARON: As you might know, we are all here for a test to determine whether or not to accept God’s absolute authority in our lives [1].  In doing so, God allows us the freedom of choice in this matter [2]. Regardless of our choice, our lives tend to have ups and downs [3], and how we view these changes depends on our relationship to God. As we become older, we become, inevitably, physically weaker and lose some of our abilities.  For those who turn to God during this time, it serves as an opportunity to further reduce our egos and appreciate God’s gifts in our lives.  For others, it may only be a source of regret and bitterness. Additionally, many people pride themselves on their physical appearance and abilities, but these are inevitably temporary.  Our impending old age is always a reminder not to set up your physical body as an idol in our life.

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 7:172-174, 26:89-91, 67:1-2;  [2] 33:72, 76:2-3;  [3] 2:155-157, 6:42-45, 6:16589:15-16.


2. DEAR ABE: Is health insurance or any other form of insurance allowed in Islam? I think it is not because God is in control and is doing everything. I trust God but my friends think otherwise. Please enlighten me on this? –REZA, SINGAPORE

DEAR REZA: There is nothing in the Quran that restricts the purchase of insurance. Logically, insurance is unnecessary if you trust that God is in full control of all things [1]. Insurance can play different roles in the society and economic infrastructure of a country.  For example, in many countries health insurance takes the place of a national health care system.  Routine check-ups are paid for through this system.  In other cases, it is required by law in certain situations.  In general, everyone who becomes a submitter goes through various stages (84:19) and growth of his/her submission to God.  There is no need to push people into a decision regarding insurance with which they are not comfortable. 

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 4:126, 6:59-61, 6:102, 10:31, 11:56-57.


3. DEAR ABE: Is a muslim women or girl allowed to keep good smelling flowers in their head. If not, can she even have them inside her home? I need a clear explanation and with proof if possible.  –SUDHA, INDIA

DEAR SUDHA: Absolutely a woman can have flowers on her head or in her house. There is no such prohibition in the Quran, and the Quran is fully detailed for religious law [1].

Relevant Quran Verse: [1] 5:48, 6:19, 6:38, 6:114-115.

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