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March 2007:

1.  DEAR ABE:    I am not sure if I should eat from my uncle's food when we are invited to his house for celebrations. He owns a shop that sells gas and food, but also sells cigarettes and alcohol. Is it OK for me to eat food that comes from haram money? Or should I eat beforehand and excuse myself from eating at his house? --MUSLIMAH SISTER

DEAR MUSLIMAH: Here’s what God prohibited to eat:  animals that die of themselves, blood, the meat of pigs, and food dedicated to other than God.  Also, we are to avoid intoxicants [1].  Some examples of lawful foods include “all good food”, including what trained dogs and falcons catch, the food of the people of the scripture, and all fish of the sea [2].  Nowhere in the Quran does God mention needing to verify the history of our food; this also means slaughter routines with the chanting of particular phrases are not required. Additionally, God mentions that we are not to be blamed for eating with our close relatives [3]  Since we can not prohibit what God has not prohibited [4]; in general, if we mention God’s name (Tasmiyah in Arabic) prior to consumption, then we are free to enjoy Our Lord’s lawful provisions [5]. By doing this, we acknowledge the true source of our provisions [6].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 2:172-173, 5:3, 6:145-146, 16:115, 5:90-91, 2:219;  [2]  5:4-5, 5:96, 16:114, 67:15;  [3]  24:61, 5:42, 5:62; [4]  7:32, 5:87-88, 6:119, 6:138-139, 6:143-144, 16:116; [5]  5:93, 6:118-119, 6:121; [6] 3:26, 34:36.


2. DEAR ABE: I have read from a pastor that Islam’s origins are pagan, and Allah had 3 daughters. You might say it is not true but it’s in the records. The pastor showed that it is in your book, the Quran.  Why do you then present yours as a Godly religion? --JAVIER P.

DEAR JAVIER: Let’s investigate this claim about Allah’s daughters.  You’re right; we should look to the Quran and not hearsay.  God guaranteed preservation of the Quran, but not other sources like Prophet’s sayings or other documents [1].  We can see that the three “daughters” are addressed in the Quran; and that these false idols are addressed as fabricated claims from past generations.  The Quran firmly denounces these claims by stating in 53:23 that “These are but names that you made up, you and your forefathers. GOD never authorized such a blasphemy. They follow conjecture, and personal desire, when the true guidance has come to them herein...”  [2].  So, this mention of them in the Quran should not be taken out of context; God clearly condemns the idol-worship involved in assigning Him daughters [3].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 6:114-116, 38:26, 10:36, 6:26, 39:23, 15:9, 85:21-22;  [2] 16:56-60, 17:40-43, 43:15-17, 53:19-26;  [3] 2:22, 3:64, 4:48, 4:116, 3:18.


3. DEAR ABE: When Saddam Hussein was executed, the paper said that he chanted, “I too bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and I too bear witness that Mohammed is his prophet." I have read also, much about your prophet Mohammad being a tyrant. They both propagated the same religion based in tyranny. Is this right? --J.L., FRANCE

DEAR J.L.: You are correct that Saddam Hussein was a tyrannical leader, according to the evidence.   However, he was not known to promote any religion in particular. He was a secular leader. Also, the phrase that he chanted doesn’t represent the declaration of Muslims who uphold the Quran and worship God alone. By mentioning Muhammad’s name beside God’s in this way, Mr. Hussein demonstrated his idolization of Muhammad [1]. Another important point concerns Muhammad being a tyrant. This idea is erroneous. To spread religion by tyranny would violate God’s teachings in the Quran [2].   A prophet of God would not have violated the Scripture that he was commissioned to bring. We are informed in the Quran of Muhammad’s true behavior [3].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 2:285, 3:18, 63:1, 3:79, 4:36;  [2] 10:99;  [3] 33:21, 3:159.

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