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May 2009

1. DEAR ABE: How do I stop myself from doubting Islam? –KABIRA, ASIA

DEAR KABIRA: You can eliminate your doubt by studying the Quran from cover to cover and dedicating your religious practices in accordance with the Quran to God alone [1].  Remember that God is in full control of all things [2].  Devoting your worship solely to God should not only strengthen your soul, but also improve all aspects of your life [3].  We also encourage you to study the translation of Dr Rashad Khalifa which also includes the recently discovered mathematical miracle of the Quran [4].  God tells us in the Quran that one of the purposes of this miracle is to remove doubts from the hearts of the believers [5].

Relevant Quran Verse:  [1] 5:12;  [2]  4:126, 39:62; [3] 22:14-18, 31:22; [4] Appendix 1 of the Quran translation by R. Khalifa; [5] 74:31.


2. DEAR ABE: Are Cheetos haram (not allowed)? – HAKIM, USA

DEAR HAKIM: Although Cheetos and other fried snack foods made from vegetables and grains are not particularly healthy, they are certainly not prohibited according to the Quran [1].  As with everything in life you should observe moderation, but they are halal (allowed).  Your concern probably stems from some of the seasoned products that contain enzymes from pigs. However, God specifically prohibits the meat of the pig and not other parts of the pig, so the inclusion of these enzymes does not render these snacks haram [2].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 2:172-173, 6:138-140, 6:145; [2] 5:3, 16:115.


3. DEAR ABE:   If I give zakat (charity) to certain people, and most of their provisions come from that charity, am I allowed to eat food they serve as a hospitality when we visit?   – ABDULLAH, MIDDLE EAST

DEAR ABDULLAH: You can certainly eat food provided by those to whom you give zakat.  There is nothing in the Quran to forbid this.  Obviously common sense should be applied, so that you are not imposing yourself and being a burden.  But keep in mind that everything belongs to God [1].  Your own money and provisions along with their money and provisions ultimately are provided by God [2].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 3:109; [2] 2:3, 2:60, 2:254, 8:3, 11:52, 13:26.

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