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October 2008

1. DEAR ABE:  Do Muslims believe in the Big Bang theory? – GREG, KANSAS

DEAR GREG:   Yes. God refers to many phenomena in the Quran that only later came to light through scientific evidence.  The Big Bang Theory is just one example [1].  Other related astronomic facts are that the universe started out as a gaseous mass, the universe is expanding, and the rotation and shape of the earth [2].  All of these serve as proofs that the Quran is truly authored by God.

Relevant Quran Verse:  [1] 21:30; [2] 10:24, 39:5, 41:11, 51:47, 79:30.


2. DEAR ABE:   When a person is in heaven can that person visit higher heavens? Also, eventually will all people in heaven go to the highest heaven? –AZHAR, MISSISSIPPI

DEAR AZHAR:  According to the Quran  those who are in the Higher Heaven can visit those in the Lower Heaven but not vice versa.  Additionally, people in either Heaven may visit people in Hell without suffering [1].  People do not move up from the Lower Heaven to the Higher heaven after the day of judgment.  God informs us in the Quran that we earn our rewards for the hereafter during this life [2].  The High Heaven is reserved for God’s most righteous servants and the time to move toward that goal is now during our lives

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 37:55-59; [2] 17:18-19.


3. DEAR ABE: What are the three holy mosques in Islam?  I know that there are plenty of mosques throughout the world, but I heard that there are 3 mosques known as the holiest in Islam. Is this true?.  - ASHRAF, ASIA

DEAR ASHRAF: According to the Quran there is only one holy mosque.  It is in Mecca and named the Ka’bah [1].  This mosque was built by Abraham and his son Ismail at the command of God.  It is the location on earth that we are all supposed to face during our daily contact prayers (Salat) [2].  It is also the site of the Hajj pilgrimage [3].

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 2:125-128;  [2] 2:149-150; [3] 2:196-203.

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