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October 2010

1. DEAR ABE: Would you be able to explain to me why some of your answers are against Islam such as women can wear short skirts? Why do you tell people this when we know that Muslim women should wear hijab?  –AAQIL, INDIA

DEAR AAQIL: We are not in the business of making rulings or fatwa’s because such an action goes against the Quran [1]. Rather, we try to demonstrate how people should utilize God’s final and proven scripture, Quran, as their guidebook and reference [2]. Regarding women’s clothing, there is no Quranic support for hijab. Instead,, in the women’s dress code Quran verse 24:31, the Arabic word Khomooreehin is derived from the word Khamara which means cover. The Arabic word for chest, Gayb is in verse 24:31, but the Arabic word for head, Raas is not in the verse. The commandment is clear - cover your chest [3]. Thus, God instructs women to dress modestly and to cover their chests, not their heads.

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 14:21, 9:31, 9:34, 34:31; [2] 6:114-115, 12:111; [3] 24:31, About Islam: Headcovers, May 2010 #2, Top Ten #9.


2. DEAR ABE: Are all Muslim’s destined to go to Heaven after they complete a temporary interim in Hell?  –A MUSLIM FROM NEW JERSEY

DEAR MUSLIM FROM NEW JERSEY: Hell is eternal [1]. Thus anyone destined to Hell, despite if they call themselves a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, or other, will be there for eternity. The same applies for anyone destined for Heaven, despite if they call themselves a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, or other [2]. The title that they give themselves does not dictate salvation or eternal damnation; rather their true beliefs and actions will determine their final destination [3].

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 5:37, 19:86; [2] 2:62, 5:69; [3] 18:102, 41:28.


3. DEAR ABE: God says in the Quran that Paradise is forbidden for the idol worshipper, or Mushrikeen. If a person in any other religion submits to the One God then he or she cannot be a non-Muslim and you said that a non-Muslim can go to heaven. Can you show support for your views that non-Muslims can go to heaven? –QURAISHI, PAKISTAN

DEAR QURAISHI: The word non-Muslim translates in English as non-Submitter. A non-Submitter is not destined for Heaven. However, a person who calls himself or herself a Muslim and practices idol worship will not end up in Heaven automatically, just because they call themselves a Muslim [1]. Also, you are correct that if a person in any other religion submits themselves to the One God, then he or she cannot be a non-Muslim [2]. The minimum requirements for salvation are simply the belief in God, belief in the Hereafter, and leading a righteous life [3]. A person could be a Submitter irrespective of what they call their religion [4]. Thus, we would not claim that a non-Submitter will be going to heaven.

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1]11:7; 27:92, 2:8-9, 6:19; [2] 3:64, 2:257; [3] 2:62, 5:69; [4] 42:13, 39:3.

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