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October 2012

1. DEAR ABE:   How can we tell if Judgment Day is coming?  What are the signs to look for?  I have heard from people that there is going to be a loud frog noise to signal the coming of the end. Is this true?  – HODA, WALES

DEAR HODA: Your question is a great and valid question. Specific signs leading up to the Day of Judgment can be found in the Quran [1]. The telltale markers are: The moon will split [2], this happened already in 1969.  The Quran’s 19-based Math code will be revealed [3], this happened in 1969-1974. The Creature made from the earth will appear [4], this happened already. The appearance of God’s Messenger of the Covenant [5], this already happened. The Smoke appears after God’s Messenger of the Covenant [6].  And the last sign mentioned in the Quran is that God and Magog will reappear [7], this is yet to happen.  There is no mention of loud frog noises as a sign anywhere in the Quran, so we can safely say that is not one of the markers for Judgment Day.

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] Appendix 25 of translation by R. Khalifa, 47:18;  [2] 54:1;  [3] 74:30-37, Appendix 1 of translation by R. Khalifa;  [4] 27:82; [5] 3:81, Appendix 2 of translation by R. Khalifa;  [6] 44:10-15;  [7] 21:96.


2. DEAR ABE: If a person built a mosque or an orphanage, published a book, or a child prays for them after their death, then do they receive the accumulated credit after death for the good deeds? – ALI, MALAYSIA

DEAR ALI: When we die we will only be judged by our actions and belief from when we were alive [1]. Praying for others will specifically be of no value as there is no intercession [2].

Relevant Quran Verses: [1] 42:22, 2:48, 2:286, 4:85;   [2] 21:28, 2:254, 9:80, Appendix 8 of translation by R. Khalifa .


3. DEAR ABE: If intoxicants aren't forbidden, then is there a sin in consuming it?  The Quran says it's sinful and has benefits. Can one get the benefits without incurring sin? – DAR , FLORIDA

DEAR DAR: Per the Quran verses, it seems clear that intoxicants are prohibited and it would be sinful to consume them [1]. The exception would be medicine. If one is medicated, the individual will have to make a decision as to when to perform Obligatory Salat prayers, keeping in mind that each prayer has a specific time frame [2].

Relevant Quran Verse: [1] 2:219, 5:90-91; [2] 70:34, 38:30-34, 29:45, Contact Prayers article on Islam

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