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October 2013

1. DEAR ABE: Sometimes I am so sad and depressed because I am so ugly.  But I want to date and marry handsome Muslim boy.  Can I pray to Allah?  –MANEE, USA

DEAR MANEE: You can always pray to God (Allah in Arabic).  God is in control of all things, including happiness [1].  Praying to God to guide us in our lives is an important step in developing our souls [2].  Studying the Quran will help in seeking God’s guidance [3].  Keep in mind that a soul growing with God’s guidance will outshine and outlast any physical beauty in this world.

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1]  10:64, 16:97, 16:122, 39:17, 92:7;  [2] 6:41-42, 40:60, 73:20;  [3] 17:45, 73:1-8.


2. DEAR ABE: Asalaamualaykum - I have warts on my hands. I was wondering if it's ok to go through the process of freezing them at my appointment during Ramadan?  The doctor first cuts off the dead skin, then sprays some kind of medication on the fresh new skin to heal it. –SAJID, NJ

DEAR SAJID: It is certainly OK to go through the process.  During Ramadan, we refrain from eating, and drinking during the daylight hours [1].  The procedure that you describe does not involve either of these activities.  Applying medication to a wound is not the same as consuming food or drink.  God was very specific in the Quran when describing the timing and nature of fasting during Ramadan.

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 2:183-187.


3. DEAR ABE: In my country, most Muslim husbands do housework.  But some Muslim men said "It should not be, it is only for women in Islam?" Is this true?  I don't think so because they are so satisfied if they help their wives.  How is it in the Quran?  –KASKIKA, THAILAND

DEAR KASIKA: The Quran does not address this issue. The Quran makes reference to men and women having certain “qualities” that should not be coveted by the opposite sex [1].  The exact qualities are not specified, but it is said in the context of inheritance rights and issues related to wage earning [2].  There is no reason to associate these “qualities” with any particular housework.  In general, common sense and respect should allow families to divide up household chores equitably.

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 4:32;  [2] 4:33-34.

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