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September 2012

1. DEAR ABE:   When women athletes strike their feet during sport and make their bodies shake, do you think they violate the teaching of the Quran in verse 24:31?  – HADIFF, TEXAS

DEAR HADIFF: Within the verse you mention, there is a dress code specifying that women should cover their chests, and it is recommended not to reveal body parts when it is not necessary [1].  Also, it states that women should not strike their feet for the purpose of revealing more of their bodies [1]. Athletes, as seen in the past Olympics, do strike their feet, but the purpose is to compete in these competition, not to draw attention to their bodies.  Also, it is necessary for the clothing to be unrestrictive so that men and women can compete.  However, modesty can still be maintained by selecting less revealing clothing within the range that is reasonable for the sport.

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 24:31; [2] 33:59, Dress Code Article on Islam


2. DEAR ABE: I did not fast during Ramadan.  How can I make this up? Someone today told me that you would need to fast two months for you to make up one fast. – JAKE, NEW YORK

DEAR JAKE: God has specified specific days for fasting [1].  Similarly, God specifies specific times for our contact prayers (salat) [2].  Usually when you fail to perform salat at the specified time, it is a lost opportunity and cannot be made up. The same would apply to fasting.  The exceptions for fasting occurs if you are ill or traveling [3]. These two situations are listed in the Quran. You are allowed substitute fasting at a later date.  Also, if you intended to fast, but were unable to because of some “great difficulty”, then you are allowed to feed 1 poor person for each day your fast was broken [3].  However, what your friend told you does not originate from the Quran.

Relevant Quran Verses:  [1] 2:184-187; [2] 2:238 , 11:114 , 17:78 , 24:58 ; [3] 2:185 .


3. DEAR ABE: What is a new muslim to do when they live in a very small and very anti-muslim town in the USA? If they have no transportation and no one to guide them in the truth? The closest help is hours away. – JOANNE , USA

DEAR JOANNE: The only guide and teacher of the Quran is God [1]. God has provided us with several versus in the Quran that can help guide our behavior when isolated, or even in a hostile environment [2].  The story of Joseph in the Quran is one such example. You should study a translation of the Quran in your native language, and seek only God for His guidance. You may also pray to God to put you in touch with other submitters (in Arabic: Muslims). Remember that God is in control of all things [3].  Regardless of our situation, we must all trust in God, and be patient for the provisions that God provides.

Relevant Quran Verse: [1] 6:149 , 28:56 , 55:2 ; [2] Chapter (Sura) 12, 31:15-17; [3] 4:126 , 6:59. , 31:22 , 64:11.

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